In today’s fast paced, data dependent world, it is an absolute must that businesses have a data network wiring infrastructure they can trust.

Begin With Good Design

When it comes to renovating, expanding or moving, your business cabling is the backbone of your network. Every inch of cabling should be laid according to a cabling system design plan made for your specific building. Without structured cabling design you will be wasting unnecessary time and money that could be spent on work. Structured cabling also makes server updates and repairs easier and less costly. We work towards creating a smoother running business for you and your employees.

Design Doesn’t Mean ‘Expensive’

The design process doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. The design of your network is a critical factor in adhering to cabling industry rules and regulations.

What Do You Need To Gather?

Try to get these items ready to share:

  • A floor plan
  • Network diagram or a list of hardware on your network
  • Brief description of the project – are you moving or renovating?

These items will help you prepare for either the site visit or telephone call with a Cabling Specialist.

Tell us about your project

Are you moving or renovating? Start with a plan that includes items such as; project scope or requirements, due dates, people involved, and basic outline of what the project involves.